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Involve Tenants & Occupants in LEED Certification

August 5, 2014 | 0 comments

As you focus on green buildings and LEED certification, don’t let tenant and occupant engagement fall by the wayside. It’s sometimes hard to remember that the people inside your buildings can make as much of an impact as low-flow plumbing, energy-efficient lighting, or reflective roof investments.

You’ve probably asked tenants and occupants to do their part by shutting off lights, computers, and other equipment during downtimes. But here are a few other ways occupants and tenants can get involved to help reach sustainability goals.

Tracking Green Purchases
Using environmentally friendly cleaning products is often a simple, cost-effective strategy that doesn’t require a high cost premium, and can also help your building earn LEED points. By asking tenants and occupants to record and report on sustainable purchases of cleaning materials and products, disposable janitorial paper products, and trash bags, you can keep tabs on how close you are to earning a LEED credit in this area.

Increasing Recycling Efforts
When tenants and occupants do their part to recycle, you positively impact the environment, save on landfill costs, and earn LEED credits. Make sure each area or suite has an appropriate number of recycling bins, along with signage about what can/can’t be recycled. Small, desk-side recycling bins also work well in offices that use large amounts of paper. Some organizations are also creating new recycling opportunities through events like “trading days.” Invite tenants to bring unwanted office supplies, furniture, and equipment to a common area for possible trade with other tenants. If items still remain after the event is over, provide them with information on the proper ways to recycle them.

Participating in Surveys
Asking tenants and occupants for regular feedback helps ensure that your green investments are improving workplace effectiveness and satisfaction/comfort levels. Opinions on acoustics, indoor air quality, thermal comfort, lighting levels, the overall working environment, and other factors can help inform decisions about the sustainability practices that are (and aren’t) providing a return on investment; these surveys can also earn LEED credits, and provide tenants and occupants with a voice in the green building process.

How have you involved tenants and occupants in the LEED certification or green building process?

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