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Security Window Film Adds Layer of Valuable Protection

January 21, 2014 | 0 comments

When you think about ways to add a layer of security to your building, window film may not be what first comes to mind. Video surveillance and access control can only provide so much protection; by investing in window film, commercial building owners can provide additional protection for tenants and occupants.

Protective window film – or window film with safety features – can help provide a barrier that holds glass in place upon impact.Instead of sending dangerous shards flying into the air, security window film can help hold glass in place to offer additional protection to people inside who otherwise could be seriously injured from broken glass or glass shards.

After the Newton, CT, tragedy in 2012, administration at Sandhills Children’s Center in Rockingham, NC, set out to make some big changes regarding their own building security. The security project started with establishing standardized lockdown procedures, but it was soon decided that this process alone wouldn’t be sufficient.

Sandhills Children’s Center decided to also invest in window film as an added security measure. By installing security film on all existing exterior windows, people outside the building were generally not able to see in (but occupants inside the building, including staff, can still see through the windows to monitor what’s happening outside). Window film also brought the center the added benefit of energy savings, reducing solar heat gain and helping keep HVAC costs and runtimes under control.

Now Sandhills Children’s Center staff can keep an eye on activities outside the building with less glare or other distractions. Children and staff are also protected from glass breakage, whether it’s due to forced entry, high winds, explosions, or objects being thrown at the window. Building assets are also protected; they will be less likely to be exposed to outdoor elements like they would be if glass broke upon impact. The window film also protects assets and occupants from harmful UV rays from the sun.

Have you ever thought about using window film as a way to address your security concerns? Why or why not?


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