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Caesars Shares Green Best Practices

July 29, 2013 | 0 comments

Caesars Entertainment is working hard to prove that any business – even a 5 million-square-foot casino – can save money by going green. Caesars unveiled its companywide focus on sustainability, called CodeGreen, in October 2007. Since then, it has established green practices that are becoming common in other organizations across the country, such as energy-efficient exterior lighting, upgraded thermostats, energy-efficient HVAC systems, interior LED lighting, and water-efficient showerheads.

But the worldwide gaming, hotel, and resort company has also implemented some unusual initiatives as part of CodeGreen to take green initiatives to the next level:

  • Through the Reuse Teacher’s Exchange Program, any unused pens, notebooks, canvas bags, and other items leftover items from onsite events at Caesars are put to use by schoolteachers.
  • More than 28,800 feet of landscaping is now dedicated to zeroscaping, which incorporates drought-tolerant plants in raised planter beds. This sustainability measure helped Caesars reduce water consumption by more than 100 million gallons despite a 1.5 million-square-foot expansion.
  • Partially used soap, shampoo, and other toiletries are all sent to a plant where they’re steam-sanitized in an eco-safe process, tested for pathogens, and then packaged. Through global responder programs, these recycled items are distributed to countries in need across the world.
  • Dock-side recycling that involves staff manually going through every bag of trash and separating items. This has resulted in a waste diversion rate of 32%, compared to an 18% average at other area resort-casinos.

Caesars Entertainment has encouraged employee innovation and idea-sharing to establish some of its CodeGreen initiatives. One effort that stemmed from employees involved turning off non-essential computer equipment at night has saved Caesars approximately $350,000 annually.

Managers at the property level are required to report monthly metrics that are entered into a CodeGreen scorecard. The scorecard is used as a dashboard where Caesars can pull up monthly or quarterly numbers, such as utility costs, recycling program results, and employee engagement activities, to compare and see how each property is doing.

Check out this video, featuring comments from Caesars Entertainment’s Vice President of Sustainability Gwen Migita about how green changes have saved the company big dollars.

Has your organization implemented a scorecard or tracking mechanism like Caesars Entertainment? How do you track positive changes in building performance as a result of green initiatives?

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