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Save Energy Year Round with EnerLogic Window Film

January 11, 2013 | 0 comments

Everyone wants to save money. OK, easy to say. But how do you do it? Well, let’s try upping your energy efficiency to lower your energy bill year after year. Your windows are a great place to start this quest for energy savings because they typically account for about one third of your annual heating and cooling costs. EnerLogic® insulating window film is a great option to make your windows more energy efficient without the hassle and cost of replacing them. And unlike traditional reflective window film, which only gives glass up to 8% more insulating power, EnerLogic can help save you energy and money year round by adding up to  as much as 92% more insulating power to existing windows, making it a much better investment.






































EnerLogic keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter

Conventional solar window film increases energy efficiency in warm weather by reflecting the sun’s rays to keep heat out. That works well in the summer, but it does nothing to keep radiant heat from your furnace from escaping through your windows in the cooler months. In fact, traditional film can actually decrease energy efficiency by blocking out the sun’s warming rays in winter. Traditional solar reflecting window film can help save you money, but it’s not an investment that delivers year-round savings.

EnerLogic isn’t your ordinary window film. It blocks heat from the sun to deliver up to 33% bigger savings on summer cooling costs when compared to conventional films. But more importantly, it also helps to insulate your home to keep radiant heat inside in the winter. That means you save energy and money all year long, not just during the warm months. Those yearlong savings can add up to $3,500 in energy savings over the life of the film – three times the energy savings of other window films with comparable visible light transmission levels.

Double-pane insulation at window film prices

It’s pretty clear that you can save your money all year long and improve energy efficiency in your home or business with EnerLogic. But let’s put those savings into perspective. Adding EnerLogic window film is roughly equivalent to upgrading your single-pane windows to double-pane, or upgrading your double-pane windows to triple-pane. That’s because EnerLogic adds up to 92% more insulating power to existing windows. And at about one third the cost of replacement windows, EnerLogic is a smart alternative to replacing you existing windows that also spares you the disruption and the mess.

It’s time to get on the road to sustainable savings and improve the energy efficiency of your home or business with EnerLogic window film. Take the first step by finding your local EnerLogic dealer online. They’ll conduct a free energy audit for your home or business and show you how much you can save. Then, make the call to invest in EnerLogic window film and start reaping the returns for years to come.

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