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Security Window Film: A First Line of Defense

January 8, 2013 | 0 comments

Topping your list of responsibilities as a commercial facilities professional is keeping building tenants and occupants – and the assets within your walls – safe.

Security threats to your building come in all forms, ranging from natural disasters to emergency situations, theft, and vandalism. All of these situations can put your tenants in danger. A comprehensive, tiered security plan offering multiple layers of protection is the best way to provide the highest level of protection possible.

Security window film can play a part in your comprehensive security plan. As a first line of defense, it provides a barrier that helps hold glass in place upon impact. It helps control and reduce the safety issues and costly damage associated with broken glass. Here is a video demonstration from one of our dealers that shows how difficult it would be to break through a window that has security window film.

When an unprotected window shatters, it can send dangerous shards of glass flying backwards into your facility, which can cause serious injuries and leave your building’s tenants and assets exposed to the elements.

For a first-hand look at what broken glass can do, watch this 30-second video below. It demonstrates what could happen if someone or something were to break a window that isn’t protected by security window film. Imagine what would happen if there were people on the other side of this window when it shatters.

With security window film, however, window glass is held securely in place even when force is brought against it. Upon impact, the film helps to prevent shards of glass from leaving the window, offering protection to the people inside. And by strengthening your building’s windows with security window film, any attempt at breaking the glass is significantly delayed, which could stop or reduce the security threat.

The 30-second video below demonstrates how security window film works to protect people and property.


Has your facility faced a situation where security window film could have prevented or slowed breaking glass?


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