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Window Film Reduces Glare in Public Spaces

November 20, 2012 | 0 comments

There’s lots of talk about how window film can improve productivity, concentration, and comfort in office buildings, schools, hotels, and hospitals.

But window film also has its place in public buildings, such as libraries, airports, and museums, where visitors may only be spending a few hours instead of entire days or weeks.

At the Dulles International Airport in Washington, D.C., where more than 16 million people use the main terminal every year, passengers traveling across the terminal were often facing temperatures into the 90s, along with uncomfortable glare. Although they’re not at the airport for long periods of time, reading, studying, working on tablets and laptops, or writing – tasks most passengers spend time on while waiting for flights – was difficult to do in a warm space with glare that made it difficult to see. The HVAC systems worked hard to keep the terminal cool, but couldn’t keep up without skyrocketing energy bills.

Large 6-foot by 14-foot pieces of glass on the east and west ends of the 1 million-square-foot terminal meant that Dulles International Airport employees weren’t protected from the heat or glare, either, making it hard to see screens and work behind the counters.

After making the decision to install window film, the Dulles International Airport successfully reduced solar heat gain by 49 percent, blocked sunlight to a comfortable level of 33 percent, and reduced glare by 63 percent.

New terminal monitors unveiled in August display up-to-date wait times based on video analytics that measure the number of people in line and the number of people completing the security screening process. Thanks to the installation of window film, these screens are easy to see despite the daylight in the terminal.

To watch the window film installation process, check out this video from Vista dealer Absolute Perfection. To learn more about the Dulles International Airport project, read this short article.

Have you been to the Dulles International Airport’s main terminal and noticed a more comfortable environment? Are there any public spaces you visit that could benefit from solar heat gain and glare control?

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