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How the Government Handles Energy Management

September 4, 2012 | 0 comments

Government energy managementFifty of the federal government’s most energy-consuming buildings are targeted to become smarter and more efficient.

Signing a contract with IBM to develop and install smart building technology in these 50 buildings, the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) has reported its intention to use the data it gathers from smart building technology to eventually reduce energy and operating costs across its entire 182 million-square-foot portfolio. This initiative is estimated to save $15 million per year.

As part of this project, the GSA’s building management systems are supposed to be connected to a central, cloud-based platform. As other GSA buildings are built and upgraded, the organization plans to connect those buildings to this platform as well.

The platform is to be developed specifically for the GSA by IBM, with a goal to monitor in real-time the performance of these 50 buildings. Building managers will be able to access operational information on demand to make analyses and decisions based on how their facilities are working.

Federal government building tenants will also be able to log into a dashboard to view the performance of the buildings they work in, including real-time metrics on energy savings. This online dashboard will also offer suggestions for ways for these buildings can take energy savings to the next level.

The GSA has stated it plans to use the data from these 50 buildings to prove the feasibility of smart building technology for the commercial buildings industry as a whole. By looking at buildings holistically through this technology, the hope is that the connections, interactions, and opportunities for efficiency across building systems will be obvious. Then, by taking the data gathered from these building systems, the GSA can respond to how their buildings are functioning. The lessons learned by the GSA in reducing operating and energy costs are intended to provide valuable data for building owners and facilities managers across the country to use to their advantage in their own facilities.

Do you plan on following this initiative so you can make changes in your own buildings?

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