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Top Energy-Saving Products for Facilities Managers

May 22, 2012 | 0 comments
A wide variety of products and solutions are available to help facilities managers better control energy and water use, manage costs, and save time. Some of these products are rising above the rest when it comes to improving building performance; as a result, they’re receiving national attention from commercial building magazines. Check out just a few of these products that are improving energy efficiency, and find out why they’re being recognized.

WattStopper’s Digital Lighting Management has an open protocol network that allows facilities managers to control lighting remotely throughout a floor, a building, or an entire campus. The network can include room controllers, occupancy sensors, personal controls, daylighting sensors, and other tools. BUILDINGS magazine recognized this product because it allows existing networks to join together without additional wiring, and allows any devices to connect to each other.

Vista EnerLogic low-E window film offers 92 percent more insulating power to existing windows. The window film reflects summer heat from the sun away from windows, which lessens stress on HVAC. In the winter, radiant heat from the building interior is directed back into the building, decreasing energy use, improving comfort, and reducing energy bills.

Products like Vista’s EnerLogic low-E window film are being recognized by industry magazines for their energy-efficiency benefits. For example, EnerLogic offers 92% more insulating power to existing windows.

Johnson Control’s Panoptix solution helps building owners achieve more from their building assets. Today’s Facility Manager recognized the solution for its open-technology platform, which makes it easy to collect and manage data from almost any building management system, meter system, or weather system. Panoptix uses this data to provide a realistic, holistic building overview so owners better understand the dynamics of their facility. An example: Panoptix can help identify air-handling inefficiencies so adjustments can be made without sacrificing tenant comfort.
Adagio High CAC, CertainTeed’s sustainable composite ceiling panel, features 62-percent recycled content and includes a treatment for added mold and mildew resistance. Although you don’t think of energy savings when it comes to ceiling tile, ED+C recognized Adagio
HighCAC due in part to the panel’s high light reflectance. High light reflectance increases the natural distribution of lighting on the ceiling tile, which could cut down on a building’s artificial lighting requirements.

Which products or solutions have you used that are saving you the most money, energy, and time?

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