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Advanced Window Film Technology: The Evolution

January 17, 2012 | 2 comments

Countless technologies have steadily evolved throughout generations of advancements: computers, automobiles, cameras and even window film. Whatever the field, behind most established brands are well-established companies that started out as innovators and never lost their zeal for improvemen

That’s certainly the pattern for a leading brand in advanced window film technology Vista™ offered by Solutia, a market-leading performance materials and specialty chemicals company.

The innovations that led to the brand’s present technology began with a fundamental breakthrough more than a half-century ago. That pivotal step forward was the development of a process that enabled dyes to penetrate DuPont™ Mylar®film—something that had previously been considered impossible. This deep-dyeing technique brought unprecedented coloring density and high UV stability to the window film market.

From this discovery sprang many others, including a patent for a UV process improving the longevity and solar control properties of polyester films. Other layers of innovation followed, from the integration of metals into film, to the advancement of adhesives and the refinement of multilayer coatings/laminations.

These gains led to the launch of the premium Vista window film brand in 1992, bringing to the marketplace an unprecedented combination of energy savings, solar control, and optical clarity.

Transcending Traditional with EnerLogic
® Advanced Window Film Technology

Ultimately, the evolution of Vista window film culminated in the release of EnerLogic, an unsurpassed low-e window film that enables windows to reduce the penetration of solar heat and radiation, while allowing natural sunlight in. EnerLogic also helps keep radiant heat from escaping through windows in cold weather, and reduces cooling costs in warm weather – resulting in as much as three times the energy savings of traditional window films.

But as impressive as the product characteristics may be, solid specifications aren’t always enough in a global marketplace.

A central challenge faced by many technology companies is accommodating the diverse needs around the world. To contend with the differences that exist internationally relative to building codes, climatic conditions, design preferences, and glazing systems, Solutia has developed a custom order program. This program makes it possible to tailor product lines to meet divergent needs in various regions.

As a result, Solutia has become the only manufacturer with the ability to produce a truly complete line of solar and security window films under one roof. The path that led to this destination is a proven route for any technology company seeking to advance: build on innovations, and adapt to worldwide markets.


  1. Sandy
    October 9, 2012

    We had Vista installed in our home in the mid 1990′s. Has the technology improved such that it makes sense to replace our film with a newer version? We are about to install hardwood floors and would like to protect them from sun.

  2. Vista
    October 9, 2012

    Hi Sandy, thanks for your comment. Window film technology has improved greatly since the mid 1990s so we would recommend that you at least consult with your local Vista dealer to better understand your options.

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